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Old War Dreams

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Old War Dreams

Old War Dreams is a comic--well, actually, there are written elements and photographs as well, so a multi-media project, if anything. It takes place during the Civil War -- on the battlefield, and in the camp, and characters' memories of their previous lives, and lots of other good stuff. There are actually two storylines: one follows members of a Confederate regiment, and the other follows members of a Union one.

If you're new, as in, you just found us and are interested, read the first chapter before you do anything else.

If you want to catch up on thing you've missed or want to reread something, here's an index of chapters.

The Authors:

History buff, character-backgrounds-creater, and giver of all things Plot, Miranda is the one who draws the comics. And everything else. And writes long, traditional-novel-type stuff.

Maia's area of expertise lies more in characterization: thus, she's mostly responsible for the letters, the dialogue, and any and all odd-drabble-type things.

In midnight sleep of many a face of anguish,
Of the look at first of the mortally wounded (of that indescribable look,)
Of the dead on their backs with arms extended wide,

I dream, I dream, I dream.

Of scenes of Nature, fields and mountains,
Of skies so beauteous after a storm, and at night the moon so unearthly bright,
Shining sweetly, shining down, where we dig the trenches and gather the heaps,

I dream, I dream, I dream.

Long have they pass'd, faces and trenches and fields,
Where through the carnage I moved with a callous composure, or away from the fallen,
Onward I sped at the time -- but now of their forms at night,

I dream, I dream, I dream.

-- Walt Whitman, "Old War-Dreams", from the section "From Noon to Starry Night," Leaves of Grass

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